The LRT accords personalized supervision accompanied by state-of-the-art infrastructure for young scientists interested in a career in biomedical research. Training and education have the scope to facilitate the achievement of an academic degree for Master and PhD student, or to widen and deepen laboratory skills, project management and scientific knowledge for postdoctoral and visiting fellows.

All PIs at the LRT have academic accreditation with the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Master School of Human Medicine of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), and thus the accreditation to assign academic degrees.

PhD and Master students pursue their research projects under the mentorship of experienced group leaders and learn modern research technologies and how to conduct, present and publish a scientific research project independently. PhD and Master students attend the education programs offered in collaboration with the USI or other partner national academic institutions, as well as actively participate to lectures, seminars and courses organized or co-organized by the LRT and BIOS+.

Postdoctoral fellows make an invaluable contribution to the scientific excellence of the LRT. The main scope of the Postdoctoral fellowship is to broaden and deepen the research skills by conducting an independent project in agreement and association with an established group leader. This will strengthen their scientific and publication record resulting in the necessary qualifications for securing positions in academia and industry.